Geely invests in innovating modern technology and incorporating it into the automotive industry to offer a better driving experience, futuristic design, and safety aids.

Geely Auto’s sister brands such as LYNK & CO and London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC).

Geely aims to stay ahead of the curve by investing thousands of man-hours into research and development. Geely constantly works to develop new technologies in design and engineering to bring innovative and cutting-edge products into the market.
Geely Design and R&D programs ensure that we meet the global consumer standards and guarantee the products are segment-leading.

Design Philosophy

Geely Auto should look at global trends but our cars should also have a hint of where the company originates from.

Research & Development

Geely’s research and development programs focus and bring innovation into the automotive industry in both engineering and design.


Geely iNTEC technology is designed to improve the driving experience with advanced driving aids and safety features.


Geely G-Safety allows a 360-degree protection system to work actively to ensure safety for passengers and passersby.