1. Legal Statement

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2. Product and Service Information

Vehicles shown on this Website are for general illustration only. Vehicles shown are typically samples only of the same model year. Details of a selected vehicle may vary from the vehicle shown depending on the features you choose. The information and graphic images posted on this Website are based on the technical parameters at the time of creating and uploading related web pages. The specifications for models shown on the Website may vary between standard configuration and the optional configuration according to the specific model. Geely keeps on improving its products, resulting in changes to the technical parameters, configuration, accessories, colors and any other information at any time. In addition, the actual vehicle colors still cannot be totally copied onto the webpage by current technology. The information contained in this Website is, under any circumstances, general information only and therefore has no legal binding force. The prices published on the Website are recommended sales prices and for reference only. The information about Geely and Geely’s franchised sales and service partners stated in the Website will be timely adjusted and changed in accordance with the actual conditions; however, the possibility that there are differences between the stated information and the actual conditions cannot be excluded.

3. Intellectual Property Policy

All contents of the Website – including the brands mentioned or displayed on the Website, designs and patents related to products on the Website – are all subject to copyright and other applicable regulations on the protection of intellectual and industrial property and may not therefore be reproduced, modified or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Geely or of the right holders. The Geely name, and all trademarks and logos displayed on this Website are owned or used under license by Geely. These trademarks include, but are not limited to, product brand names (e.g. Geely, Coolray, Okavango), vehicle model names, slogans, and logos and emblems. The unauthorized use of any trademark displayed on this Website is strictly prohibited.

4. Personal Information

Users may access this Website without making their identities public or disclosing any personal information.

Users may view or modify the personal information supplied to us during the registration at any time. We collect this information only to supply users with more personalized services, such as answering users’ questions, making an appointment with users or sending users e-newsletters.

Users shall permit Geely and its affiliates to use the supplied personal information for commercial or marketing activities. The information may also be used as initial data for research and analysis, with the purpose of improving services supplied to users by Geely. Geely promises to strictly observe the Kingdom of Bahrain laws and regulations concerning privacy protection.

5. Website Link

Creating a link to this Website is subject to prior written permission from Geely.

Under no circumstances shall Geely assume any liability or responsibility for the content published on, and the products and services of the websites which is linked to this Website or has connection with the Website by other means.

This Website may contain links to third-party websites that are not owned or controlled by Geely. Geely has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any Third Party Websites. By clicking on links, you expressly relieve Geely from any and all liability arising from your use of any Third Party Website, or from the content of any Third Party Website. When using a Third Party Website, you should be aware when you leave Geely’s Website and read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of each Third Party Website that you visit.

6. General User Management

Users shall bear the responsibilities for the published content alone. Users shall use services in accordance with the Bahrain law and international legal standards applicable to the services. Users promise that they shall:

(1) Adhere to relevant Bahrain laws and regulations when releasing information on pages of the Website or utilizing the Website services, never create, copy, release and spread the following kinds of information on pages of the Website or by using the Website services:

(a) Opposing the fundamental principles determined in the Constitution;

(b) Endangering national security, disclosing state secrets, subverting state power and undermining national unity;

(c) Harming national honor and interests;

(d) Inciting ethnic hatred or ethnic discrimination and undermining ethnic solidarity;

(e) Undermining national religious policy, promoting cults and feudalistic superstition;

(f) Spreading rumor, disturbing social order and undermining social stability;

(g) Spreading obscenity, eroticism, gambling, violence, homicide and terror or instigating the crime;

(h) Insulting or slandering other people and infringing other people’s legal rights and interests;

(i) Containing other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

(2)Adhere to other relative national and local legal provisions and the relevant provisions of Bahrain laws when releasing information on the pages of the Website or utilizing the Website services.

(3) Never use the Website services to perform the following activities:

(a) Access the computer information network or use resources from the computer information network without permission;

(b) Delete, modify or add the functions of computer information network without permission;

(c) Delete, modify or add data and applications stored, processed or transmitted through the computer information network without permission;

(d) Intentionally produce and disseminate computer viruses and other destructive programs;

(e) Perform other activities that may harm the computer information network security.

(4) Not disturb the Website’s services in any way.

(5) Follow all other regulations and procedures on the Website.

Users must assume legal liabilities for the actions they take in the course of using the Website services. Users shall understand that if the information transmitted by their websites is found by this Website to be part of the contents listed in the above section (1), this Website has the right and obligation to stop the transmission immediately, save related records, report to the relevant state authorities, delete the addresses and directories containing such information or shut down the servers, terminate or delete the user accounts and stop users from using the Website according to Bahrain laws.

Users shall also observe the provisions of this Article and rules governing the electronic bulletin board service to be specially released on the Website when using the Website bulletin board services, including electronic bulletin board, electronic whiteboard, electronic forum, online chat room and message board, and other behaviors to provide information release conditions for online users in interactive form. The legal consequences and legal liabilities described in the above paragraph are also applicable to the users of bulletin board services.

If any user does not act in line with the above mentioned service terms, this Website shall in its sole discretion cancel such user’s service account immediately.

7. Other Conditions/Restrictions


This website is intended as a resource and discussion forum for people interested in Geely vehicles, projects and initiatives. Unfortunately, this isn’t the place to address warranty or customer service questions or concerns or products sold by Geely.

8. Termination of Service

If any user objects to the proposal of any service terms or disagrees about the subsequent term revision or is dissatisfied with the Website services, such user may only have the following rights of recourse:

(1) No use of the Website services any more.

(2) End of the user’s qualification for using the Website services.

(3) Notice to this Website to discontinue services to such user.

The right owned by such user to use the Website services shall be terminated immediately after cease of services to such user. This Website assumes no obligation to such user any more from then on.

Users or this Website may suspend or terminate accepting or providing services at any time according to the actual conditions. This Website may suspend and terminate services at any time without being responsible to any individual or third party.

This Website reserves the right of judging whether a user acts in accordance with the requirements of the legal agreements and service terms stated above on the Website. If any user is suspected of violating or has already violated the provisions of such legal agreements or service terms, this Website shall in its sole discretion terminate the agreements and cancel such user’s service account immediately, suspend or terminate various services as well as reserve the right of reporting to the relevant state authorities and claiming against such user for default and infringement.

9. Disclaimer

This Website and all the information it contains is provided for information purposes only on an “as is” basis and could include technical, typographical or other errors. Geely makes no warranties, representations, or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to, accuracy, currency, or completeness, the operation of the Website, the information, materials, content, availability, and products. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Geely disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Geely is not responsible for the content of any Site linked to this Website and is not directly or indirectly implying any approval, endorsement or affiliation with any linked Site.

10. Miscellaneous

These Terms and Conditions together with any additional terms to which you agree when using particular elements of this Site constitute the entire agreement regarding the Site and any services, and supersede all prior or contemporaneous communications, whether electronic, oral or written between you and us with respect to the Website or the services provided on the Website. These terms and conditions are governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Bahrain law, regardless of principles of conflicts of laws that may require the application of the laws of another jurisdiction.